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Theater arts programs provide leadership and life experiences that contribute to the development of an emotionally, physically and socially healthy society. Our Theater for Young Performers series immerse youth in the creative process and inspire future innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, humanitarians and artists.

Youth ages 8-18 are invited to audition 3-4 times a year for Treasure Valley Youth Theater productions.  Participants are responsible for all aspects of the production from fundraising, set building, even some directing. The experience culminates with a minimum of three performances of a show presented to the community.


Our performance programs rely on support from local businesses and the generosity of individual donors. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our next production. You can donate online via our Square Store or send a check to TVYT: PO Box 9144 Boise, ID 83707.

Thank you to our 2017 season sponsors:


“Harriet the Spy”
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June 16, 7pm & June 17, 2pm at Cole Valley Christian High School
200 E. Carlton Ave., Meridian


Harriet 1: Harper Pechota
Harriet 2: Amber Jones
Mother: Kendra Thatcher
Father: Daniele Macdonald
Cook: Shelby Sayer
Sport (Simon): Camden Hyde
Janie: Elise Kitamura
Purple Socks: Bree Urspringer
Beth-Ellen Hansen: Maisie Wilson
Marion Hawthorne: Moriah Elton
Rachel Hennessy: Lucy Glynn
Carrie Andrews: Darby Regan
Laura Peters: Peyton Zerr
Pinky Whitehead: Michaela Hapney
Miss Elson: Liberty Gonzalez
Ole Golly: Holland Stull
Mama Dei Santi: Hannah Hirschi
Bruno Dei Santi: Bree Urspringer
Papa Dei Santi: Justice Gonzalez
Fabio Dei Santi: Michaela Hapney
Little Joe Curry: Ella Bollinger
Mr. Waldenstein: Justice Gonzalez
Miss Berry: Isabella Furioso


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Register May 8Eventbrite - REGISTER! "Honk, Jr." Youth Theater Program

Show dates: Aug. 11, 7pm & 12, 2pm at Heritage Middle School

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