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A Gratitude Shift

You know those somewhat annoying “memories” that pop up on your Facebook feed daily? Well, over the past few years my Facebook memories revolve around the theme of gratitude. It’s good to be thankful; but I had a recent revelation about my “gratitude” that pretty much rocked my world. Let me explain –

When I started Treasure Valley Children’s Theater in 2012 I had a clear vision of where I wanted to take the company. What I didn’t have was any idea how much work it would actually take to get there – OR how quickly the vision would develop into a reality.

Five years in and I look back on my past gratitude posts; I’m struck by the nature of these posts thanking people for helping ME. (HAH!) That’s where I went terribly wrong. The incredible community of Artists, Activists, Community Leaders and Volunteers didn’t give ME their time, talent and funds; they were giving to the mission.

How foolish and short-sighted of me to feel as though those people were just “helping me out.” In truth, I’ve always struggled to ask for help. I hate the idea of “putting people out” or appearing “helpless.” It’s a character flaw I’ve struggled with my entire life and one I continue to battle.

But, the great news (I have FINALLY figured it out)! The army of amazing, talented, giving community members aren’t doing ME any favors because TVCT and our mission has NEVER been about me!

They give because they believe in the 4 year old who gets to see their favorite stories come to life right before their eyes.

They give because they believe in the 6 year old who shares their uninhibited Enthusiasm with the world.

They give because they believe in the 8 year old who learns about the Commitment required to create something magical.

They give because they believe in the 11 year old who discovers their courage to try something new, no matter what others think.

They give because of the 14 year old who realizes Respect extends to themselves as well as others.

They give because they believe in the 16 year old who has discovered their unique talents to change the world.

They give because they know that theater arts experiences can change lives and empower others – and through that transformation, we CAN change the world.

I AM grateful.

My gratitude for the incredible people who give so effortless and generously is genuine. And the fact that they give because they BELIEVE gives me hope that this crazy idea I had five years ago to start a theater company that would prepare future leaders… well, it wasn’t so crazy after all.

Thank YOU for believing, for giving and for helping TVCT change the world one theater kids at a time.

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