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Information for the cast and parents of our Theater for Young Performers (Treasure Valley Youth Theater) current production.

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Rehearsal Schedule WITH Map (updated 2.20.17)

To submit a date that you will miss rehearsal, please email us.

Running late? Please text 208.608.9366

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Links to Pronunciation Guides

Drumming Rehearsal Video 1

Drumming Rehearsal Video 2

Drumming Rehearsal Video 3

The Circle of Life Vocal Guide

Grasslands Chant with Vocal Guide

The Lioness Hunt Vocal Guide

The Stampede Vocal Guide (note: minor changes to our production)

The Mourning Vocal Guide

"The Lion King, Jr." Soundtrack

"The Lion King, Jr." Motivation

"The Lion King, Jr." Motivation

Hyenas Education Video

Important Files and Links

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Our Program FAQ’s – Click Here

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Emergency Contact Form – ALL students must complete prior to participation – Click Here

Letter to Cast and Parents – Click Here

“The Lion King, Jr.” Cast List – Click Here

“The Lion King, Jr.” Rehearsal schedule WITH Map (updated 2.20.17) – Click Here (NOTE: This schedule is subject to change)

Ticket Sales Form – Click Here (Submit your form with payment at Friday or Saturday rehearsals)

Sponsorship Letter and Form – Click Here

“The Lion King, Jr.” promotional flyer: Click Here

Costume Note for Cast of “The Lion King, Jr.” Click Here

Links to Rehearsal Tracks:

Note: Some characters may appear in songs – they may have speaking roles – but don’t necessarily sing the song or solo. In some cases, “all cast” songs will include voices singing in the wings to protect the integrity of the telling of the story but to increase the volume and quality of the vocals.

Grasslands Rehearsal Video 1

Grasslands Rehearsal Video 2

Lioness Hunt Rehearsal Video 1

Lioness Hunt Rehearsal Video 2

Can't Wait to Be King Rehearsal Video 1

Can't Wait to Be King from 2.6

Be Prepared Rehearsal Video 1

Be Prepared Rehearsal Video 2

Be Prepared Rehearsal Video from 2.6

He Lives in You Part 1 Rehearsal Video

Circle of Life Rehearsal Video

The Stampede Rehearsal Video

The Mourning Rehearsal Video

Hakuna Matata Rehearsal Video

Shadowland Rehearsal Video

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