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Academics and Acting

A good actor can get away with being a C student – most of the time…

A GREAT actor understands the power of knowledge. Learning opens doors, create possibility and empowers. A GREAT actor loves to learn – about EVERYTHING.

This is why I advise students to study – and to LOVE to study. Learn as much about history, economics, politics, culture, international affairs, science and math. Yes, math.

Admittedly, I was not an A student in all subjects. In fact, my average was typically in the B range – and that was usually thanks to the dreaded ‘MATH’ subject. At a very young age I convinced myself that I hated math because “I wasn’t good at it.” And do you know what? As soon as I planted the seed of doubt in my brain – as soon as I told myself “I wasn’t good at math” – it became true… the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

And now, as a theater owner and artist I use math all the time. It is critical to my work, in every way.

The things we wish we could tell our younger selves…

So, here’s the truth about academics and acting: you have to thirst for knowledge if you want to be a great actor. And if you think you’re not a “good” student, if you think school work is “hard” and you “hate it” – I CHALLENGE you to change your thinking. Embrace the challenge!

Acting is work. It’s a lot of work. I’m not referring to memorizing lines or showing up to rehearsal. I’m talking about really understanding the play, your character in the play, their history, the reason why they make the choices they make, the reason why they react to other characters choices or the circumstances they must face in the play.

Research is the job of the actor, and a great actor LOVES to research and understand and create… a thirst for knowledge is a pre-requisite to an Academy Award.

Think about it…