Boring to read, but important to know our tuition and behavior policies. If you have any questions (or suggestions), please email info@treasurevalleychildrenstheater.com.

1. Refund Policy: Fees will be refunded for cancellations made before the first day of training, minus the $15 registration fee. All refunds must be requested in writing.

No refunds will be granted for any cancellation made on or after the first day of workshop. No refunds will be made if the student does not attend, is asked to leave due to behavior, or leaves early for any other reason.

Refund requests must be in writing and sent to:
info@treasurevalleychildrenstheater.com or
Treasure Valley Children’s Theater, LLC
PO Box 9144
Boise, ID 83707

A full refund will only be granted in the event workshop/camp is cancelled.

2. Attendance/Punctuality: Students are expected to attend each session and arrive on time. Students who are frequently late may be asked to observe, rather than participate in that day’s activity. Missing sessions can also reduce an individual student’s role in the performance outcome. No student will be left unattended before or after workshop. PARENTS: Please drop off and pick up your student on time. Generally, students should arrive no sooner than 10 minutes before a session begins and picked up no later than 10 minutes after a session ends. A late fee of $10.00 will be charged to your account if you are more than 20 minutes late for pickup. Please email or call if your child will not be attending a session at least 24 hours in advance so your child’s teacher can plan accordingly: info@treasurevalleychildrenstheater.com or 208-287-8828.

3. Workshop/Performance space: Workshops/trainings are held at Treasure Valley Children’s Theater, 703 N. Main St. and occasionally at rented facilities throughout the Treasure Valley. These buildings are to be respected and treated kindly. Food and drink, with the exception of a water bottle, are not permitted in the workshop space.  Designated eating areas will be arranged for day camps.

4. Visitors: With the exception of scheduled observation days, the observation of sessions is not permitted. We will host an “open session” at the end of a workshop series to give parents a chance to experience what a session is like. It is important that the teacher maintain a disciplined training dynamic which is sure to be disrupted by the presence of frequent visitors. Thank you for understanding this policy.

5. Food/Beverages: Water bottles are STRONGLY encouraged (please label and do not share them). No other food or beverages are allowed with the exception of a sack lunch for day camps or snacks provided as part of the workshop series. Students are not permitted to chew gum. If a child is taking multiple workshops and needs a snack in-between, we ask that the food be sent with the child in a sealed container. These policies keep the TVCT training space clean and insect-free while protecting students who may have life-threatening allergies.

6. Dress/Personal Appearance: Appropriate dress is required for all TVCT students. As a general rule, if you wouldn’t wear it to Grandma’s, don’t wear it to workshop! All students should dress in comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely. Socks or ballet-style slippers are encouraged. Flip flops and shoes that do not stay on feet are strongly discouraged.

7. What Else To Bring: In most cases students do not need to bring anything but themselves and a water bottle. Sometimes teachers will hand out scenes or music to be practiced at home that will need to be returned each week. Teachers will inform students if there is anything else they need to bring and parents will be notified. Please leave electronics and other valuables at home, as TVCT is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

8. Student Agreement: All students are required to sign and adhere to our Treasure Valley Children’s Theater Agreement Form. We hold our students to a high standard of behavior to ensure a safe environment for all who are looking to enjoy an experience in the theater arts. Please read carefully and know that we take everyone’s behavior seriously because we care about the safety and enjoyment of all of our students. We’re here to have fun and learn about the performing arts in a friendly and supportive environment!

9. Emergency Contact Information: Parents, the safety of your child is paramount to our staff. A student cannot participate in any TVCT activity without an Emergency Contact Form on file. This form must be updated annually. Please click the link above to download the form. Your student may bring the form on the first day of class or you can submit via email: info@treasurevalleychildrenstheater.com or mail to:

Treasure Valley Children’s Theater, LLC
PO Box 9144
Boise, ID 83707

When leaving TVCT, students are carefully observed and are not allowed to wait outside for a ride without a TVCT staff member present. If your child will be picked up by someone other than those individuals you’ve listed on the Emergency Contact Form, please let us know.

Agreement Form and Emergency Contact Form

PARENTS: Please share these TVCT rules and procedures with your child before they attend our programs. Please sign and return the agreement form and Emergency Contact form. The family’s participation in these efforts is crucial. We want your child to have a wonderful time while keeping our programs safe and enjoyable for everyone.


  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Speak for yourself – not anyone else
  • Show respect – everyone is important
  • Listen to others and they will listen to you
  • Avoid putting others down – performing is hard enough, we need your support
  • Take responsibility for your actions – you are in charge of you


1. Stay with your workshop section, cast or group at all times.
2. Respect and obey all staff. (Interns, Assistant Teachers, Teachers, Office Staff and Volunteers)
3. Take pride in TVCT and the equipment. Take good care of them.
4. Taunting, teasing, bullying, backstabbing, or other unsupportive and disrespectful acts will be dealt with immediately and severely. Words can hurt, so watch yourself, and even if you don’t like someone – ACT like you do!
5. Keep your hands to yourself. Fighting, slapping, shoving, or other violent acts will be dealt with immediately and severely!
6. Leave all toys and games at home for their safety – especially electronic toys and equipment. TVCT is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items.
7. Do not touch items belonging to others. Theft is a crime and will be handled as such.
8. Follow all rules. They are there to keep you safe.


All students enrolled in TVCT programs will be expected to follow rules established by the Staff for the purpose of safety and a smooth running program. The following steps will handle all discipline actions unless otherwise indicated:

1. Questioning of the student followed by a reminder of company rules and proper behavior.
2. Verbal warning.
3. Removal from activity for remainder of activity time period. Behavior notice will be recorded and given to the parents of the student.
4. If the child has a continual behavior problem, the parent will be asked to meet with the Artist Educator and Executive Director for a conference.
5. Children with major discipline problems will be asked to leave the program. Tuition will not be refunded.


1. Fighting, physical intimidation or verbal threatening of another student or staff member.
2. Going to any location in the building other than assigned areas.
3. The use of alcohol, cigarettes, and other illegal substances are STRICTLY prohibited. Any student found using these substances will be released from class/camp immediately and charges will be filed for illegal activity.
4. Theft, shoplifting or stealing of any form.