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Guest Blog: Observations from the Intern

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first started interning at TVCT. I knew I would have to prove my worth in the little things like taking out the trash (this was specifically a question asked at the interview), and I knew it would require some heavy lifting. What I didn’t know was just how impressed I would be at all of the amazing work being done here at TVCT.

“How do more people not know about what we do?”

“How are people not flocking to these classes?”

So, I suppose this post is a cry for attention. A company can only be as successful as it’s Leadership, and that story can not hold more true than at TVCT. Through the professionalism and passion of Autumn Kersey and all the of the educators at TVCT, at the risk of sounding cheesy, lives are being changed! TVCT not only provides a safe place for kids of all ages to express themselves, it serves as a training ground to prepare kids for a changing world hungry for young creative entrepreneurs.

Advanced Acting Tools

I’ve seen more smiles than I can count, and heard more giggles than I can handle in these first few weeks at TVCT. I see kids being brave, trying new things and truly enjoying themselves. As I write this post, listening to the comments of our Advanced  Acting program, I am struck with how supportive and caring they are of one another; complimenting each others singing voices and encouraging each other to be brave.


Superhero Social Skills

So get on this bandwagon folks! Check out our classes and get your young one involved. Good people are here and even better work is being done! I am so happy to be a part of the TVCT team and hope to be meeting more of you soon.


David Cowan
Treasure Valley Children’s Theater Education Intern
Summer, 2015