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Looking forward to Year 2

This past July we celebrated our 1 year anniversary as a Theater Company. We received some nice press (thank you Meridian Press) and all-in-all feel pretty pleased with our progress.

In year 1 we:

  • Produced 2 main stage shows reaching nearly 600 in audience
  • Toured 4 libraries with an original musical, reaching over 300 youngsters
  • Offered a series of 5 classes to nearly 80 students
  • Partnered with the Meridian Arts Commission and Missoula Children’s Theatre to offer a pre-show experience that reached over 300 and involved 7 kids
  • Performed with our Acting Class students at Boise Little Theater and the Meridian Library District
  • Assisted the Methodist Church in Meridian with their holiday program involving 20 youngsters and an audience of over 100

So what’s next?

Plans are underway for our holiday main stage show, “A Spell of Cold Weather,” that will open in December (directed by Wendy Koeppl). We’re currently enrolling three Acting Class programs for youth ages 3 – 14 with plans in the works for a fourth film-acting workshop this fall. We have also sponsored Treasure Valley Youth Theater, Inc.’s (a 501c3 pending nonprofit organization) debut production of “Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.” starring 16 kids ages 10-15! We’ve donated time and materials to this great crew to help get a performing program off the ground in Meridian. The show opens Oct. 26 at the Meridian Middle School Auditorium!

And we’re knee-deep in 2014 planning. We have a season of main stage shows to select, classes and workshops to plan, and the continued development of Treasure Valley Youth Theater, Inc. Needless to say, our place in the community of Meridian is clearly needed and we see great growth in the near future.

We wouldn’t be where we are without the support of some amazing people and businesses! So many, in fact, that we probably couldn’t name them all. But we are grateful that the community of Meridian recognizes that the arts are critical to quality of life.

Working in the arts is rewarding and the opportunity to work with young, creative, and energetic minds takes the reward to a whole new level. More to come, Meridian. We promise. .