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Summer – here we come!

To say the TVCT education team is excited for summer is an understatement!   This summer, our incredible team includes professional actors and teaching artists assisted by some of our most gifted advanced acting students. And this summer we’re unified with one common goal – to change the world one theater kid at a time!

What do those words really mean? As the founder TVCT and Treasure Valley YOUTH Theater, I’m not necessarily in the business to groom Hollywood’s next movie star or Broadway’s triple threat… though we have many students with those dreams and we provide resources and education to help them reach their goals. More importantly, the theater education we produce at TVCT teaches skills that I believe all leaders should possess.

  • Respect, even for those whom you don’t agree. Theater teaches listening, compassion and empathy – skills desperately needed in our global communities
  • Commitment, to the process of creating something unique and seeing a project through to the end
  • Courage, to try new things, to speak out about unpopular issues, and to stand up for yourself and others
  • Enthusiasm, for life, for the people in your life, and for the transformative power of shared story telling and the arts
  • To strive for Excellence at being the very best version of themselves and encouraging others to do the same

These are the five core values of TVCT and the outcomes we believe to be the most valuable when working with youth in theater.

Our summer programs are tons of FUN, no doubt. And we put on great performances – but more importantly, our team is focused on enriching the lives of our young students so they are empowered to change the world!