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The Meridian Arts Commission and TV YOUTH Theater, Inc. AUDITIONS for

"AristoCats, Kids" 

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We Believe . . . Theater arts provide experiences that shape healthy, active, intelligent, empathetic and understanding members of a community. Treasure Valley Children's Theater (TVCT) strives to be part of a healthy, growing community by producing quality theater arts experiences for youth. Through TVCT programs, young people experience theater arts in three areas: Observation (see), Participation (play), and Performance (perform).

  • see. TVCT's company of adult actors produces theatrical performances appropriate for young audiences.

  • play. TVCT offers performance-based workshops and training experiences for youth taught by experienced artist educators.

  • perform. TVCT, with nonprofit partner Treasure Valley YOUTH Theater, Inc., provides students the opportunity to develop performances suitable for their age-group and level of experience. Performances will be presented to the public after sufficient rehearsal and preparation time. It is the belief of TVCT and TVYT that well-prepared performances provide better training for the young actor, and are more enjoyable for the audience.