Treasure Valley

Working in theater is almost like having multiple lives in one lifetime. This concept likely makes sense to Actors, but it isn’t any less true for Creators. At Treasure Valley Children’s Theater (TVCT), we spend every day creating powerful, whimsical, delightful and challenging theater experiences. Sometimes it becomes so common […]

48 Crazy Hours and What I Learned

You know those somewhat annoying “memories” that pop up on your Facebook feed daily? Well, over the past few years my Facebook memories revolve around the theme of gratitude. It’s good to be thankful; but I had a recent revelation about my “gratitude” that pretty much rocked my world. Let me […]

A Gratitude Shift

Each year for the past 5 years, I have had the honor of emceeing the state’s largest employer recognition event, Best Places to Work in Idaho. The Best Places to Work in Idaho program is unlike any other. The producer, Populous, works with employers across the state of Idaho to survey […]

Best Places to Work in Idaho

I love seeing transformative theatre. I’m talking about the type of theatrical production that turns everything you think you know about producing a play on its head. I recently experienced transformative theater when I attended the Tony nominated “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” now playing on Broadway. […]

Lessons and reassurance from the pros